Version 10.0 of OPRS is out now, read about whats new here.

What is OPRS? OPRS is a system management software, that aims to protect your HW investement. It will monitor your daily operations on the IBM i, trigger "warnings" and alert you when unwanted events are about to happen, or if certain thresholds are reached. It simplifies,automates, controls and documents the everyday runnings on the IBM i.

Advantages and possibilities with OPRS
Automation of batchjobs, backup and cleanup functions, improved security, increase overall availability, proactive activities through constant monitoring and eventflagging, advanced jobhistory options and much more.

OPRS comes with an advanced and large monitoring modul, that has numerious options in order to gain full control of your IBM i. A status screen will automatically update with any incidents that occur on the system. The status screen is also accessible through a webbrowser, and makes it easy to detect errorsituations that have occured, or even before they actually occur. Examples: The disk usage has increased to 70%, and since the threshold was set to 70%, OPRS will issue a warning. Number of waiting jobs on jobque Qbatch has exceeded 20 jobs, and since the threshold was set to 20, OPRS issues a warning. Here are some of the things you can monitor on your IBM through OPRS:
  • Check that subsystems and specific jobs are active
  • Check that the harddrives are all up and running
  • Check that important userprofiles are not disabled
  • Check that no jobqueues have a high number of waiting jobs
  • Check that a job hasn't been waiting on queue more than XX minutes
  • Check that no outqueues have an unusual high number or printfiles
  • Check that no messages are awaiting a reply on the Qsysopr messagequeue or other queues
  • Check for new messages in the problemlog
  • Check if any jobs are looping
  • Check for high CPU usage
  • Check status of lines, controllers and devices
  • Check that no IBM licensed programs are about to expire
  • In the morning, check if backup and other nightjobs have executed normally.

Actions can be taken when an errorsituation occurs, such as sending an E-Mail, restart a specific function, run a recoveryprogram, send a message to user, and much more.

Monitor several servers/partitions in the network

From the primary system, you can setup to monitor any other partition that are accessible in the network. From one screen on the primary system, you have full control and status of all the other partitions in the network. This makes it easy and efficient for datacenters and customers with more than one partition, to monitor all the critical functions on the IBM i on one screen.

OPRS comes with an advanced and multifunctional jobscheduler. It gives you the option to schedule any possible batchjob, at any given schedule or time of the day. Its ease of use combined with powerful options makes this a "must have" product. You can even define jobgroups. This means that you can setup a group of jobs to run, that are dependant of certain conditions before they are allowed to run. The completion of the jobs are easy to track using OPRS built-in jobhistory.

OPRS provides an overview over all the jobs that has been run through the jobscheduler. It is very easy to see if a job has ended normally or not. The use of colors (Green for ok, red for error or expired) makes it simple to just browse through executed jobs to look for any possible jobs that have ended in error. OPRS also provides a complete overview of all jobs on the IBM i, where you can select and filter to just see the jobs that your are interested in, which in turn saves you valuable time. The all important joblog will be presented to you by selecting an option, and the joblog itself is presented in a new, easy to read way, where you also can omit messages with certain messageid's in order to makes it easier and faster to read through the joblog.

OPRS comes with its own set of security options. The most important one is a searchable version of the auditjournal. You can specify what you want to investigate. For instance, you might want to find out who changed the ownership of an object, or who deleted a certain object, or who changed some of the system values, or who changed a program to adopt the owners authority, and much more. A very strong tool to use if you want to trace down possible security breaches on your system. Also, you can see all the failed login attempts, lists with all the users who have *SECOFR or *SECADM authority are easy available and much more.

Rerganization of physical files
OPRS comes with a modul to make it easier to tidy up your database. Deleted records in the database will still be there, taking up space and eventually slowing down your applications. OPRS will automate the cleanup, by providing a report that shows you which files need to be reorganized, and also a modul where you define those files that need to be reorganized. You specify if you want to do this weekly or monthly, and how big percentage of the file the deleted records has to reach before reorganization should take place.

Sending textmessages
By adding another product, GSM Text, OPRS can send messages to your mobilphone. Any errorsituation that OPRS detects through its monitoring modul, can be sent to one or more recipents, so a neccessary action can be taken. *

Power loss handling
If your server is connected to a seperat UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) , OPRS will take actions based on available batterytime and rechargetime, in order to take the server down in a controlled manner. If the power is resumed during the 3 step shutdown procedure, the server will be restarted up to normal production.

Detailed diskanalysis consisting of several specialized reports, showing the largest objects on the system, sorted by size, all jrnreceivers, savefiles, all libraries sorted by size and alphabetically, and showing the change in size the last time the report was run. Report showing what files are in need of reorganization to free up space and speed up applications

In addition to the abovementioned functions, there are modules for cleanup, problemsolving, menusystem, journaling, restore, accounting and library administration.

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* Requires the GSM-Text product

Installasjon av PTF'er

PTF'er eller Program Temporary Fix som det står for, er rettelser som IBM utfører fortløpende til operativsystemet og lisensierte programmer. Selv om systemet ditt opererer stabilt i dag, kan det hende at du en dag tar i bruk en ny funksjon i forbindelse med av applikasjonene dine, og da er det trygt å vite at man har oppdaterte PTF'er på systemet, som forebyggende tiltak, hvorfor vente på potensielle problemer når du kan unngå de. Vi anbefaler at du installerer en kumulativ PTF pakke, samt samtlige gruppeptf'er minimum en gang i året, men ideelt sett en gang i halvåret.  Er du usikker på hvor gamle PTF'er du har på systemet ditt, kan du kontakte oss, så hjelper vi deg.

Vi har dyktige konsulenter med lang erfaring i å installere fixpakkene fra IBM. De krever et dedikert system, så dette er en jobb som man typisk legger til en helg. Normalt tar dette fra 3-6 timer, inklusive forberedelser.

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Oppgradering av operativsystem

Det er viktig å ikke vente for lenge med å oppgradere til nyeste versjon av operativsystemet på IBM i. IBM legger ned betydelige ressurser i videreutvikling av operativsystemet, og hvorfor ikke dra nytte av alle de nye funksjonene, forbedret ytelse, samt en oppdatert versjon av alle feilrettelser.

Vi har dyktige konsulenter med lang erfaring i oppgradering av operativsystem på IBM i, og som kan hjelpe deg over på den nyeste versjonen på en trygg måte. Selve arbeidet består i noe forarbeid/forberedelser, mens selve oppgraderingen typisk utføres i en helg, når det måtte passe for din bedrift.

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IBM i er et driftssikkert og stabilt system, likevel er det anbefalt å ta en regelmessig gjennomgang, med tanke på sikkerhet, ytelse, preventiv planlegging, rydding m.m.  

Hva er en helsesjekk? En gjennomgang og evaluering av din IBM i, hardware, software og driftsmessig.

Hvorfor gjøre det?      Bedre utnyttelse av din investering, avdekke sårbarheter, preventive tiltak

Hva får jeg?                Anbefalinger som vil forbedre ytelse, sikkerhet, drift, samt en objektiv rapport

Hvor lang tid tar det?  Ca 1 dag pr system eller partisjon

Caral Data's helsesjekk dekker alle sider ved din iBM i, og omfatter b.l.a.: 

  • Vurdering av ytelse/kapasitet (Minne, CPU og disk)
  • Analyse av utkøer
  • Analyse av batchmiljø
  • Analyse av meldingskøer
  • Analyse av databasen med tanke på slettede poster
  • Analyse av databasen med tanke på frigjøring av diskplass
  • Analyse av sikkerhet (Brukerprofiler,systemverdier,backup)
  • Analyse av feillogger på systemet
  • Analyse av PTF nivåer

Ta kontakt for et uforpliktende tilbud på en helsesjekk av din IBM i. Vi har konsulenter med lang erfaring på denne teknologi, som sikrer deg valuta for pengene.

Ring 40005205 eller send en Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.  




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